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Development History


Nufront was awarded 'Technology Innovation Award: The World's First Deployed URLLC Wireless Communication System and SoC'


EUHT successfully realized the first real-time transmission of 50-channel HD 1080P video for a single train in the world

Completed EUHT broadband wireless network coverage of more than 5,000 villages and over 10 million people

EUHT was commercialized in the field of industrial interconnection, covering a number of manufacturing enterprises

Carried out demonstration construction of IOV, and piloted EUHT 5G-V2X application

Launched research and development of automotive electronic chips for IOV and self-driving cars

EUHT officially released as a national wireless communication standard


EUHT successfully realized the first real-time transmission of 30-channel HD 1080P video for a single train in the world, and has been formally put into commercial application

EUHT successfully passed the engineering test of the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed Rail through the relevant third-party independent organizations organized by the China Railway Corporation


Nufront acquired the Standard for Real-time Video Transmission Systems between Roadside and Vehicle for Urban Rail Transit issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China

Enhanced ultra high throughput wireless LAN model village construction project in Former Central Soviet Area of Guangdong Province was completed

EUHT commercial operation was tested successfully on Guangzhou Metro Line 6

EUHT industrial test was completed successfully on Beijing-Tianjin inter-city high-speed rail pilot section


EUHT was successfully selected as the rural broadband coverage project by the Ministry of Finance for rural wireless broadband access of more than 10,000 villages in Former Soviet Central Area of Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong provinces

EUHT was tested successfully on Dongguan-Huizhou inter-city railway

EUHT successfully passed the channel radio simulation test by Railway Radio Monitoring and Testing Center


EUHT equipment that met the national intelligent transportation standard successfully completed the field test at Daxing experimental site held by Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport

Nufront gained two national standards of Special Short-range Communication for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System


First domestic GSM/WCDMA/LTE AP+BP SoC quad-core chip was released

Made research and development of EUHT core products such as base stations, routers, high-performance switches and other core products

EUHT has been fully passed simulation test held by the State Radio Monitoring Centre


First domestic GSM/WCDMA chip was released

Nufront gained two standards of High Spectrum Efficiency and High Data Throughput of Wireless LAN Technology Requirements issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


Completed research and development of EUHT core chip with independent intellectual property rights 


Completed system design and simulation of EUHT

Undertake ‘New Generation of Broadband Wireless Mobile Communication Network’ National Science and Technology Major Project-research and verification on key technologies of wireless interface in ultra high throughput wireless LAN 


The world’s first A9 dual core chip was released


The R&D of integrated chip for communication and computation was launched


Made research and development of T-MMB

Made forward-looking technology research and patent layout for the next generation of broadband wireless mobile communication technology

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