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EUHT Rural Broadband Wireless Coverage Solution

EUHT Rural Broadband Wireless Coverage Solution


One EUHT central access device can provide 250 households to access the Internet at the same time without additional fiber laying. Only a very low network construction cost can enable farmers to enjoy the high-speed Internet service of the whole family and solve the problem of “last kilometer” of information entering the household. At the same time, for some of the rural modernization only carried out in the LAN (such as remote irrigation, video surveillance, etc.), user data only needs to complete data interaction in the communication network composed of EUHT, also greatly reduce the traffic charges.

Solution Figure

Detailed introduction

The main network structure of EUHT rural wireless coverage solution is shown in the above figure:

The central access device and the terminal access device are the core of the village-level network, and are responsible for providing EUHT services, which is a bridge between the user terminal and the telecom core network. The main function of them is to convert the external network signal into EUHT signal and cover the target area with EUHT antenna.

Connect optical fiber of telecom operators to village routers and install 2-3 central access devices on the holder according to the terrain and landform of the village. The central access devices access village routers through the network cable, and cover EUHT to the whole village with directional antenna.

A terminal access device will be distributed for each farmer, and the EUHT network will be converted into WIFI network to cover the whole village. The farmers' mobile phones, tablets, computers and other WiFi terminal devices can access the Internet at home.

The terminal access device is small and portable, which can be used after being powered and does not need to be installed.

The solution effectively solves the problems of difficult construction, poor scalability, low flexibility and high cost of wired fiber-optic. The main features are as follows:
Easy to construct

It is easy to install without breaking the soil and deploying the optical fiber. 

High scalability

When extended network coverage is required, the access device can be directly supplemented on the original link, instead of processing large-scale network improvement.

High flexibility

Flexible to set up access points on demand and deploy quickly. Easy to maintain. Fewer devices, faster diagnosis, and convenient remote management.

Complete independent intellectual property rights

Nufront EUHT system has all the intellectual property rights of a complete set of dedicated chips, central equipment, terminals and total solutions, safe and controllable.

Low cost

For typical villages with 250 households, compared with 3G, 4G and optical fiber + WiFi solutions, single station can cover the whole village. The construction cost is low, and villagers can enjoy extremely low-cost video calls and Internet services.

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