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EUHT Smart Metro Solution

EUHT Smart Metro Solution


The EUHT Smart Metro Solution is the world's first high-reliability, low-latency, low-cost vehicle-to-ground wireless communication system that supports high-definition CCTV real-time transmission (more than 30 channels), CBTC, PIDS, passenger Internet access and digital trunking.

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Detailed introduction

At present, the vehicle-to-ground communication method in the urban rail transit industry in China generally adopts an open IEEE 802.11-based WLAN as the communication standard. Due to the increasingly complex electromagnetic environment around the subway line, the 2.4GHz frequency WLAN system is seriously interfered by the external civilian wireless equipment, resulting in a serious decline in the wireless communication quality of the PIS system. The CCTV video cannot realize real-time backhaul and cannot meet the network operational safety requirements. At the same time, in the case of high-density and large passenger flow operations, the demand for uploading car video surveillance information to the ground control center is increasing. Especially in the event of a sudden emergency, the ground commander needs to keep abreast of the on-site situation inside vehicle, direct emergency measures, and respond to sudden emergencies in the vehicle. The existing vehicle-to-ground communication technology cannot provide sufficient technical support.

EUHT has the technical advantages of high reliability, low latency, large capacity and high speed mobile adaptability. The EUHT Smart Metro Solution can perfectly meet the requirements of vehicle-to-ground communication in China's urban rail transit industry.

The EUHT system can carry 30 channels (6 channels * 3 Mbps + 24 channels * 1.5 Mbps) CCTV services and 1 channel (8 Mbps) PIS services at a speed of 120 km/h.

The EUHT technology transmission capacity is 10 times that of the existing wireless communication technology in the subway.

Main performance indicators of EUHT Smart Metro Solution:
  • The average throughput of the system can reach

  • Handover success rate

  • Average handover delay

  • Network transmission average delay

  • Data packet loss rate

  • End-to-end transmission average delay

The test results show that in the EUHT system, single vehicle can carry 30 channels (6 channels * 3Mbps + 24 channels * 1.5Mbps) CCTV service and 1 channel (8Mbps) PIS service at the same time. The EUHT technology solved the problem of large-capacity data transmission in the case of high-speed train movement and has extremely high reliability and extremely low transmission delay.

The technical indicators of EUHT technology are all higher than those of mobile speed, average throughput, edge throughput, handover success rate, data packet loss rate and data transmission delay in the current urban rail transit issued specifications.

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