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EUHT Intelligent Transportation Solution

EUHT Intelligent Transportation Solution


EUHT Intelligent Transportation Solution provides high reliability, low latency, low cost, high throughput wireless communication system for vehicles-to-roads and vehicles-to-vehicles. The communication system also integrates sub-meter real-time dynamic positioning services for vehicles. It supports a series of intelligent traffic applications such as vehicle-road coordination, safety emergency response and information service.

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Detailed introduction

The EUHT intelligent transportation solution can achieve the following main functions:

Holographic perception and monitoring of road network running state-Highway ubiquitous traffic data collection; accurate prediction of highway vehicle travel time; safety dynamic supervision of the whole process of road vehicles, long-distance buses and road vehicles for transporting dangerous chemicals, fireworks, and civilian explosives; highway meteorological status monitoring, warning, and prediction; using the on-board terminal (STA) to accurately monitor the average speed of any section of the road (including ramps, service areas, etc.), and find congestion in time to conduct traffic guidance.

Internet + Smart Travel Service With EUHT network, Beidou high-precision satellite positioning, high-precision maps and other systems, EUHT is transformed into WiFi in key areas, such as service areas, toll stations, easy-to-block roads, etc., providing free high-speed Internet access services for public.

Traffic safety and accident prevention based on vehicle-to-road communication Prevent accidents such as rear-end collisions, parallel collisions, and brake failures; prevent accidents such as retrograde and reversing of highway vehicles; highway fog warning; highway severe weather warning.

Emergency rescue based on vehicle-to-road communication、Emergency rescue at the scene of the accident; traffic induction, prevention of secondary accidents.

Internet + Smart Service Area Ultra high speed wireless network construction in the service area; service area comprehensive information release system: actively push nearby road network and road condition information; actively push relevant information about nearby tourist attractions; service area parking space remaining prompt subsystem. High-precision positioning for intelligent parking.

The main performance indicators of the EUHT Intelligent Transportation Solution:
Support ultra-broadband while supporting ultra-high speed mobile

500 Mbps user experience rate at the speed greater than 360 km/h

Ultra low transmission delay

Air interface delay: millisecond,End-to-end delay: millisecond

Fast and high reliable handover in high-speed mobile (360 km/h) scenarios

Handover delay: millisecond level,Handover success rate: > 99.9989%

Support Mesh networking

Beyond support for D2D, also support M2M, self-configuration, self-detection, self-adaption, self-healing, self-switching, relay self-selection, traffic self-balancing, power self-setting, gain self-control

Sub-meter precise positioning

Positioning accuracy and response time are higher than GPS and Beidou

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